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CIG16 Part Search, CIG16 IC, CIG16 Power, CIG16 , CIG16 price, pinout, Semiconductor, Electronic Components,Buy electronic components,electronic part IC 7404 pinout. 0 on board. (previous page) 2114 pinout. Pinout configuration of IC555. 2V to TX, > 4. L 298 IC has 15 pins in total, each having different functions associated with them. 7- GRND. Ic power PM8953 redmi note 4x 4 xRp34000. PM8909 IC Pinout Datasheet. Pinout. 3- AFO out (requires internal mod for gated audio) 4- PTT <1. 3 V, 5 V, 12 V, and an adjustable output version. We have been facing some trouble using the SD card library to read and write data to and from an SD card with an STM32F429ZI. Mainly used for storing SW applications and user data etc. p = Pentode Unit. Pin2 connected through 3. It is a stand alone analog to digital converter. 1072019 9082 CHARGING IC 150. pins = pins self This section describes the pinouts for the Zynq®-7000 SoC available in 0. PMI H-S0162. Lead Time: 3 (168 Hours) Power Control IC. Package inductance is minimized as a result of optimal placement and even distribution as well as an optimal number of Power and GND pins. Description . Pinouts of computer hardware components, internal connectors, buses and input/output ports (i. SAC38/8 Position (Female) The following is the “Standard Audio Configuration” pinout for EDAC 38-Pin Connectors with 8 positions wired. When powered by from about 7. 7805 pinout. But if you happen to have a 36-pin ESP32 board, the following pinout will be very helpful. Você também pode acessar o produto comprado nesta página: Main Esquemático Xt1922 Moto g6 Play - Free download as PDF File (. Get best price and read about company. Datasheet search engine for Electronic Components and Semiconductors. 0 volts Haltech USA Address: 26429 Rancho Parkway S, Unit 125, Lake Forest, CA 92630 Phone: 1-949-490-5660 Sales enquiries: [email protected] #MobileRepairTrick bga reballing stencil bga reballing stencil universal bga stencil holder bga stencil kit india bga stencil set emmc bga stencil emmc stencil mobile ic stencil mtk stencil oneplus frp umt PM pmi8952 stencil qualcomm power ic stencil stencil universal bga stencil universal mobile ic reballing kit in india universal stencil In the mean time, this code Python code takes in your pin list, the chip size and your printer DPI settings and generates an image of the correct size that can be printed on a label printer. IC555 timer pinouts which are VCC TRH TRI GND RST etc etc . We acknowledge the wide variety of pinouts that are in use, and can accomodate any requirement. $0. Note that the pinout of both the 30-pin and the 36-pin versions of ESP32 Development Boards are very identical except for some pins at the bottom. Изначально пришёл на замену разбитого Você receberá o acesso a Curso Android Repair Red Line por email. name = name self. Description Signal Pin . 45mmx44. IC 7408 has fourteen pins, including the ground and Vcc pins. Editor Electronic Circuit Published Sunday, April 08, 2012. 46 . Similar threads. . The same PCB of the Tuner Amp Unit is used for other models that use a 27 pin IC, too. Actually I would like to print the pinouts e. It can be used for a variety of counter circuits and practical applications, like an LED chaser light circuit to even a non-contact AC detector circuit. PMI7541HP with circuit diagram manufactured by PMI. Esquema eléctrico xt1922 moto g6 play PMI8952 Power IC Redmi . 8 mm and 1. In the 36-Pin version, 6 GPIO pins (GPIO6 to GPIO11) are used for SPI Flash IC. 8 mm pitch wire bond and various 0. The table below outlines the pin out information of the audio outputs expansion header J50: Table 3-11 Audio Expansion Header J50 Pin out . from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont import os class ICPins: def __init__ (self, name, pins, package): self. Pinout Datasheet of IC 4043. alibaba. S329031864M Original. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The negative lead of DC power source or battery is attached to this pin. MCM. #1. Addeddate 2014-02-17 17:45:16 Identifier IcPinout Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t45q7h02h Ocr ABBYY FineReader 7476 IC pinout diagram Integrated Circuits Elektropage. the pinouts of the IC that i could figuer out were : Pin 1= Vcc. The date & lot code information will be displayed on your packaging label as provided by the manufacturer. So, the PCB has lands for a 27 pin IC. An integrated circuit manufacturer may not have a separate call-out for a NMEA IC. Date And Lot. Instead I strongly advise you either not include the pin numbering of the ICs at all, or add only the pin numbers (not the IC pinout), like so: Note how there is a number printed at each pin of a symbol which represents a circuit in an IC, that number is the pin number. The new 24 pin connector added one line apiece for ground, 3. The 24 pin connector is polarized so it can only be plugged in pointing in the correct direction. SUBSCRIPTS FOR MULTI-UNIT TUBES: b = Beam Power Unit. ADC0804 is an IC(integrated circuit) which converts the input analog voltage to its equivalent digital output. the label must fit on the IC as I will glue it so when I breadboard I wouldn't have to refer back to the datasheet The LM2596 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits that provide all the active functions for a step-down (buck) switching regulator, capable of driving a 3-A load with excellent line and load regulation. The 4 sets of inputs are comprised of 4 pairs of set/reset inputs. J50[1] GND . There used two capacitors in this voltage regulator circuit, they aren’t mandatory to use. PMI8952 = LENOVO K53A48 Realme 2 Pro Rmx1801 ISP Pinout EMMC Pinout; OPPO A57 PMI8952 power ic ground resistance, earth resistance value, diode reading Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Forgot Password ? Login The 4000-series Integrated Circuits (IC) is a classic series of CMOS chips. For pin description of Arduino UNO, let us assume some basic numbering. 5K resistor to the green wire for PS-ON. Polarization Maintaining Beam Combiner and Isolator Hybrid. Qualcomm PM6150L Power IC Pinout. Intelligent. 1+ $1. 5- MICE ground. x power supplies don't have them. jpg. S. 8- CLone In and hanger. L-298 has a lot of amazing features including low saturation voltage, over current protection etc. CAN Bus uses a Drive Voltage: High; 2. Related topics : Schematic Circuits > TDA2007 2x 6 Watt Amplifier; Integrated Circuits > 4072 Existing Account Login Login to your account Remember Me. 932. Open-Q™ 624A Development Kit User Kit 32 . Kynix Part #:KY32-PMI8952. Powered by CR4, the Engineering Community PM8909 IC Pinout Datasheet. They are designed to provide a constant 5V. Function : Power Controller IC. Usually, in different boards, the same labels refer to the same GPIO. Which it is a lower voltage than batteries. Vertical Vin = input (non-inverted), Vout = Vertical output, VfB = Vertical feedback (inverted inpput) Vcc to pump-up can be traced through the diode PUM-up and pump up Elco Capacitor. 80 - NV610 - 48 H Confidential and Proprietary – Qualcomm T echnologies, Inc. The specific applications thus call for the selection of the right package. Order : 1 Piece Qualcomm, PMI8952, power management IC. I'd like to modify the board for an om5428 (or another similar ic) but I cannot fathom all the pinouts from examination of the board - Pinouts of computer hardware components, internal connectors, buses and input/output ports (i. 75-28V QFN28. Attachment: PM6150L. CDC Huawei P9 lite VNS-L21 не заряжается #1. The PMI529 is available in SOP8 Package, is part of the IC Chips. Z80, Z180, Z280, Z380, Programming, Hardware, Software, Utilities, FAQ, Support, CPU, assembler This pinout includes the SuperNova G+, G2, G3, and G5 series, along with the GM SFX units, and more. The Power IC, PA2032A used on tha Tuner Amp Unit is a 25 pin IC. Posted on November 27, 2020 February 18, 2021 by Diode. I hope this helps. The barrel jack is usually connected to a wall adapter. pmi8940 = xiaomi redmi s2 = lg mp260 = ldn-l21 (hl1ldnm) = lndl21 (hl2lndm) = htc desire 12 plus PMI8952) Qualcomm® PMIC, companion power management chips for APQ8053Pro processor NA Memory 2GB LPDDR3 DDR3 Low Power Memory Up to 1866MHz LPDDR3 BGA chip. At this point observe that IC555 functions constantly on solitary rail power supply and In no way on dual power supply, in contrast to operational amplifiers. View in Order History. If the first and second pins are green, the cable is 568A. Tentu kasus seperti ini sudah tidak asing lagi bagi teman-teman. e. This appears to currently be a placeholder for work-in-progress, and as always we'll update the article periodically as time permits. Konektor Charging Mic Redmi 4X Flexible Xiaomi Connector Cas Port USB. , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, operates, along with its subsidiaries, substantially all of Qualcomm's engineering, research and development functions, and substantially all of its products and services businesses. To become more accurate this chip has 4 sets of inputs (which means 8 input pinouts) and 4 related single outputs. При подключении ЗУ- сам включается, и, судя по току , питается от него, т. J50[2] Analog MIC1 positive differential input . Beli IC Charger Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x New Ori. 25 volts, Differential 1. е. Though now it is decades old and replaced by newer analog to digital converters which provide more flexibility, consumes less power, provides output in multiple formats and are smaller in… Arduino Mega Pinout, Pin diagram, Schematic and specifications in detail. Open-Q™ 624A Development Kit . Product Category: IC Chips. Android Mobile Phone Full Charging Section How It Work Pmi8952 Working Full Details Charging ICin the following video we are given the information how to wor Power IC CPU Audio IC Wifi IC EMMC Charging IC PA RF IC GPS IC Alternative Option. SDO - this is the S erial D ata O ut / M icrocontroller I n S ensor O ut pin, for data sent from the BME680 to your processor. Overall, there are 32 pins on the Arduino UNO Board. RoHS. 2. 6V to RX. The on-chip Flash allows the program PMI8952 Datasheet, PMI8952 PDF. pmi8952 = lenovo k53a48 = oppo a57 (cph1803) = xiaomi redmi. The TMC2209 is an ultra-silent motor driver IC for two-phase stepper motors. But my recommendation is, don’t supply more than 18V or less than 8V in input. svg 158 × 204; 11 KB. Jan 30, 2019. The chart below gives the identities of each of the pins and what function they play in a circuit. and not the number of op-amps or gates etc. It also comes in a variety of packages best suited for each application area. The IC 7404 is used in different settings as shown above. Each. Manufacturer:QUALCOM. Pin Description. Qualcomm products referenced on this page are products of Qualcomm Technologies Smart Mobile Power Chip Pmi8952 Pm18952 Ic Bga New Original , Find Complete Details about Smart Mobile Power Chip Pmi8952 Pm18952 Ic Bga New Original,Mobile Power Chip Pmi8952,Pm18952 Bga Ic,Bga Ic Chip from Integrated Circuits Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Smart Electronics Co. 1. Ref: HKin20140128 in 2021 HKin. Corsair’s type 4 pinout succeeds the type 3 pinout with an updated 24 Pin cable. Ttl ic pinout diagrams and pin numbers for electronics lab. Supports via 4x16bit channels 16 GB eMMC Primary Storage for platform. 04 5+ $0. 222Kb / 1P. Integrated Polarization Beam Combiner Isolator. 5 to 2. There are three double wires in the 24 pin cable, and zero doubles in both PCI-E and EPS cables. PMI8952 data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. Facing problem while burning bootloader on ATmega328. SPI Logic pins: All pins going into the breakout have level shifting circuitry to make them 3-5V logic level safe. Min. com Exclusive:The World's First. It has a bunch of useful basic features such as logic gates, 7-segment decoders, counters, and more. 75v to 4. Fig: Pinout of 7805. Part Number : PAL012A ( = PA2032A ) Thanks guys. D2 is GPIO2 and so on. 5v to 3. 13 M AY C ON T AI N U . 【PMI8952 QUALCOMM】Buy Now【PMI8952-000】【PMI89520144WLNSPHR00000】【Price】In Stock, Semiconductor, Capacitor, IC, new update 2021【Datasheet】【PDF】 HGCacheDateZOZIOPIG Ref: HKin20140128 in 2021 HKin. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 3. есть ток зарядки на подсветке, заснул- ток в ноль. Lead Free Status / RoHS Status: Lead free / RoHS Compliant. 35mm, 44. After all there designed to the same electrical standard. The device is manufactured using Atmel's high density nonvolatile memory technology and is compatible with the industry standard 80C51 and 80C52 instruction set and pinout. Preise nach Anmeldung. The pinout of the Optiga TPM SLM 9670 Chip can be found in the Infineon-SLM 9670-DataSheet-v01_00-EN. hx = Hexode Unit. It is designed to emulate using an NTAG I2C plus tag chip in an embedded electronic system. VfB = or to Vin2. Carlito Suratos Jr, SACHINDRA kUMAR, MoistureDrop and 1 people liked. Изначально пришёл на замену разбитого PA2032A Datasheet PDF, Pinout – MOSFET – Pioneer. txt) or view presentation slides online. Management IC, Application Processor, baseband processor IC Mobile Phone Disassembly - Teardown | Diagram | Schematic Processor - MSM8976 Memory - eMMC (32GB) + LPDDR3 (2GB) Power Controllers - PMI8952, PM8956, PM8004 Audio Codec - WCD9362 Sound IC Mtr Drv 4. 3 PIN IDC FEMALE at the fan and 3 PIN IDC MALE header at the motherboard. L298 Features. 29quid is a bit steep for an ic that cost about 2 quid when in common use. TEC Extension für JBC Compact NT115 NT105 . Signal Pin . IC 4017 Decade counter Basics with Pinout. The Atmega3560P is an 8-bit microcontroller that comes with a built-in bootloader, which makes it very convenient to flash the IC 7408 pinout. Let the numbering begin with the RX Pin (D0). NO . Pin 1 is the input of the first AND gate, pin 2 is the second input, and pin 3 is the output of the first AND gate. Dec 16, 2016. Part Number : PAL012A ( = PA2032A ) common ic pinouts 555timer ground trigger output reset 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 v cc discharge threshold control 556 dual timer discharge a threshold a control a reset a output a NXP’s NTAG I2C plus kit suitable for any boards featuring an Arduino-compatible header, including LPCXpresso, Kinetis and i. xPower IC PMI8952 PM8956 8953 WCD9335 Audio ic, You can get more details about from mobile site on m. Click on the IC number of a chip to learn more about its pins, functions and example 3 Pin Fan connector used on the ATX Motherboard. t = Triode Unit. Distributor Sales : PMI8952 QUALCOMM, PMI8952-000, PMI89520144WLNSPHR00000. 73 - $1. Pin 7 is the ground pin that provides power to the chip. 979 10+ $0. PMI H14400001113. PMI8952 = LENOVO K53A48 Realme 2 Pro Rmx1801 ISP Pinout EMMC Pinout; The is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer with 8 Kbytes of Flash programmable and erasable read only memory (PEROM). Its output voltage is +5V DC that we need. IT8518E Pinout – Controller IC, LQFP128 – ITE. Management IC, Application Processor, baseband processor IC Mobile Phone Disassembly - Teardown | Diagram | Schematic Processor - MSM8976 Memory - eMMC (32GB) + LPDDR3 (2GB) Power Controllers - PMI8952, PM8956, PM8004 Audio Codec - WCD9362 Sound Jul 22, 2019 - Explore Daniel LaPine's board "IC Pinouts" on Pinterest. d = Diode Unit. Vertical IC PIN-OUT DATA. Use whatever logic level is on Vin! SCK - This is the S PI C loc k pin, its an input to the chip. Below you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of the most common 4000-series chips. The Arduino Mega is an open-source development board that is developed by the Arduino company. pdf linked above, which is used on the wiki page and image overlay. 1. Quantity: 50 PCS. Nicht verfügbar . The PMI7541HP is available in DIP Package, is part of the IC Chips. Download Introduction to L298. For example, the pin marked as RX2 on the silkscreen of the board is GPIO16. com. Unless otherwise specified, our patchbays and cables will be wired with this pinout. Wenige verfügbar . See more ideas about electronics circuit, electronics basics, electronic circuit projects. 10 June Bijendra Narsinghani. There are 3 ways to power the Arduino Uno: Barrel Jack - The Barrel jack, or DC Power Jack can be used to power your Arduino board. We will go over the pinout of the 555 timer. Description: Package: BGA. 4000 How to Wire Your Own Cables – Industry Standard CAT-5 Pin-out The images below depict the cable pin-outs for straight-through and cross-over Cat-5 Ethernet cables that conform to EIA/TIA industry standard for 568 A and B. Share To: PM8909 IC Pinout Datasheet By IMET Mobile Repairing Institute . If the first and second pin are orange, the cable is 568B. pmi8940 = xiaomi redmi s2 = lg mp260 = ldn-l21 (hl1ldnm) = lndl21 (hl2lndm) = htc desire 12 plus Red Eye Passion - Offering Motorola G4 Plus QUALCOMM Power IC PMI8952/ Redmi Note 3 Power IC, पावर आईसी at Rs 299/ in Delhi, Delhi. Pin 1 to ground will let the magic smoke out. On the other side, NC is Pin 19, IOREF is Pin 20 etc. 3 to 35 volts. 36AM3. Contribute to iDoka/asic-pinout-drawer development by creating an account on GitHub. The board can be powered by 5-20 volts but the manufacturer recommends to keep it between 7-12 volts. O conteúdo será acessado ou baixado através de um computador, celular, tablet ou outro dispositivo digital. MX boards. pin7= output 1 to the switching transistors. ic 4047 There are 14 pins available on the IC where Vss stand for ground pin and Vdd is voltage supply pin. Qualcomm products referenced on this page are products of Qualcomm Technologies small power ic. Pin 4 to 6 are the inputs and outputs of the second AND gate. In this articles we discuss in detail regarding the main functions of the IC, and also how to use it in practical circuits. device SPM I table in the PMI 8952 Power Man ageme nt IC Dev ic e Specif icat ion (80-NT391-1). We usually want to use a stable voltage source. The 555 timer is an 8-pin IC. To use the pinout, please check the labels on the board and then compare with the pinout that we have. IC PWR PM8953 PM-8953 PM 8953 IC POWER XIAOMI REDMI 4PRO NOTE 4XRp20000. This pinout is the same for all land mobile radios with the RJ46 mic connector. pdf), Text File (. Simple pin assignment generator for IC case. So, RX is Pin 1, TX is Pin 2, D2 is Pin 3 and so on. 5 volts, Low; 0. PM8909 small power ic. Ver: 3. You can supply any voltage in input; the output voltage will be always regulated +5V. Pin9 = PG ( power Good) pin 12= GND. Xilinx - Adaptable. PC Serial port pinout, PCI Bus ). 3, 5, and 12 volts. There are six inputs including, trigger, astable, external reset and retrigger. Theoretically the IC 4043 is a quad set/reset (R/S) latch with 3 logic state output. The IC is so versatile that on many occasions it easily outsmarts it's close rival, the IC 555, let's study the datasheet and pinout details of this versatile chip. 7408 IC pinout diagram Integrated Circuits Elektropage. Regards, Sara. Now featuring additional sense wires, the 24 Pin will require a 2. Here are the 7805 datasheet of popular 5V voltage regulator IC and the 7805 pinouts. The PMI8952 is available in BGA Package, is part of the IC Chips. Pinouts and brief information about some common computer hardware interfaces like RS232 interface, USB pinout, SATA connector and many others. Supplier of Hard To Find, Discontinued Parts including S329031864M Part Search,S329031864M DIP,S329031864M InStock,S329031864M OPPO A57 PMI8952 power ic ground resistance, earth resistance value, diode reading device SPM I table in the PMI 8952 Power Man ageme nt IC Dev ic e Specif icat ion (80-NT391-1). Redmi 3S, Redmi Note 3, PMI 8952, Redmi Note 3 Pro And Other. IC 4017 is a CMOS decade counter IC consists of a 5 stage Johnson counter with 10 decoded outputs that can count up to 10 decimals. The extra pins made the auxiliary power cable unnecessary so most ATX12V 2. PMI8952-000 compatible with Xiaomi Redmi 3. This means it has 8 different pins, each of which have different functions for the IC. note 4x = yota yotaphone 3 = lg pm450 = nokia 6 (ta-1033) = nokia 6 ( ta-1021 ) = lenovo vibe k6 plus = xiaomi redmi note 4 = xiaomi mi a1. Desinged by Mobile1Tech. g. You can see 7404 chip pinout diagram image below. PAL012A Datasheet Pinout – SPEAKER OUTPUT IC – Pioneer. The description of each gate can be seen from the 7404 pin diagram. Pin-1, GROUND: It is the GROUND PIN of the IC. I use ROM -. 45mm. The IC TL494 is a versatile PWM control IC, which can be applied in many different ways in electronic circuits. 0 mm pitch flip-chip and fine-pitch BGA packages. hp = Heptode Unit. 6- MIC in. PMI8952, PM8956, PM8004 Audio Codec - WCD9362 Sound Amplifier - AW8738 + WSA8810 Charge Controller - SMB1351 + CW2015CSAD Backlight and flash driver - PMI8952 Controller Bluetooth, FM, GPS, WiFi - WCN3660B NFC controller - NQ220 Proximity and light sensor (P-Sensor) - LTR-559ALS_C34 Three M1864M5C Part Search, M1864M5C IC, M1864M5C Power, M1864M5C , M1864M5C price, pinout, Semiconductor, Electronic Components,Buy electronic components, Add Oppo Realme XT (RMX1921) UFS ISP Pinout---Add Samsung Galaxy A21s SM-A217F Charging Ways&Solution---Add Infinix Smart 3 Plus (X627) LCD Backlight Ways----Add Huawei P40 Lite (JNY-LX1/L21A) LCD Backlight Ways---Add Tecno Pouvoir 2 LA7 (H393) Schematic Diagram---Add Huawei P30 Lite (MAR-LX1M) Charging Thermistor Solution---Add Huawei Honor 50 (NTH-AN00) Charging&Battery Ways---Add Oppo The IC 4047 is one of those devices which promises an unlimited range of circuit application solutions. Get contact details and address| ID: 20188802233 Power IC CPU Audio IC Wifi IC EMMC Charging IC PA RF IC GPS IC Alternative Option. To contact the author of this article, email engineering360editors@globalspec. , Ltd How to Wire Your Own Cables – Industry Standard CAT-5 Pin-out The images below depict the cable pin-outs for straight-through and cross-over Cat-5 Ethernet cables that conform to EIA/TIA industry standard for 568 A and B. Alternatives do exist such as the OM5428 at I believe modest cost but from examination of the damaged pc board pinouts seem to be different. Part number : IT8518E. Reply Huawei P9 lite VNS-L21 не заряжается #1. Notes about installation and pin number description of Power IC (IC301: PA2032A). Pin8 = output 2 to the switching transistors. PMI8952 with EDA / CAD Models manufactured by QUALCOM. 182Kb / 2P. com strives to offer a secure and credible marketplace for electronic component industry, therefore we gather reports received from our members to expose the reported companies, to protect companies against fraud, lost revenue, and dishonest business practices. Reactions: FAROK, dj007, aman ullah khan and 8 others. Manufacturer Part #:PMI8952. It is based on the Microchip ATmega2560P by Atmel. REDMI MEI7S eMMC Pinout. Posted on May 22, 2020 May 25, 2018 by Diode. Arduino Uno pinout - Power Supply. TL494 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits. . You previously purchased this product. PMI8952 = LENOVO K53A48 Realme 2 Pro Rmx1801 ISP Pinout EMMC Pinout; Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 phone motherboard repair parts ics, PMI8952 PM8956 8953 WCN3615 WIFI IC Replacement Parts for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Mobile Phone Circuit Board Repair, Xiaomi Redmi motherboard Replacement Parts and Consumer Electronics Repair Accessories. REDMI NOTE 5 PRO EMMC ISP PINOUT. PMI529 with user guide manufactured by PMI. PMI8952 parts Power IC CPU Audio IC Wifi IC EMMC Charging IC PA RF IC GPS IC Alternative Option. Pode ser um curso online, um ebook, uma série de videoaulas, um serviço, evento, etc. eMMC v5. IC to Pin Out Adaptor, DIP-10, Epoxy Glass Composite, 6. This article mainly covers datasheet, pinout, applications, features, and other details about TMC2209. L298 Pinout. Problem Facing while designing an EMI Filter for CE102 test (MIL-STD-461) Integrated circuits designed to offer CANbus should function as NMEA-2000 ICs. The animated image of L-298 IC is shown in the figure given below. Media in category "IC pinout diagrams" The following 200 files are in this category, out of 215 total.

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